Pistil Production

floral cultivation & design

Good Design starts from the ground up

Our involvement with florals begins with a tiny seed. It is cultivated with thought, heart and soil to grow the healthiest, most beautiful flowers. Each stem is harvested with care to create the most ideal convergence of organic beauty.

We grow with holistic integrity where the design of each piece is a perfect culmination of art and nature.


Pistil Production embraces all of the delightful juxtapositions of life; utility and aesthetic, tradition and avant- garde, intent and wildness. 


Pistil Production was born in 2018 in Mud City of Morrisville, VT, just north of Stowe and nestled into the wondrous hollows of the Green Mountains.   The owner, Kari, a New England native, studied fine art and botany at UVM.  This combination has always had root and truly embodies the life of a farmer/florist.  It is the art of nature and nature of art.


Its thoughtful design from seed to vase. 

c. 2019 Pistil Production


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